About me

I’m Chiaku – the proud founder of Male Decoded.

I have always been a very spiritual and observant person.

My in-depth knowledge of the male psyche did not happen overnight. It took God’s discernment, insight and some life experiences before I was able to understand the male mind.

In addition to that, I have a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology and I am currently a Doctoral Candidate of Clinical Psychology.

My main goal is to use my insight and educational background to help my dedicated readers learn about the actions and behaviors of men.

The Reason I Started Male Decoded

Male Decoded first started out as a blog on blogspot, a place where I could voice my opinion about men. As my perspectives on male behavior and life in general evolved, so did my blog. Male decoded developed into a go to site for many seeking answers about men and relationships. As the blog developed and soon gained many views, followers, emails, and people seeking help, I knew I needed to create a website to match the demand. As people began asking for advice, I decided to offer coaching sessions as a result. The blog site is designed to offer insight into the male psyche and male behavior.

Reading blogs is an amazing way to get quick and easy answers to certain questions or concerns.

I truly believe our mind is powerful and investing in yourself is so important in order to be the best you ever.

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