Yes, I said it! Ladies, close your legs. Close your legs to men you don’t know! Close your legs to men you just met! Close your legs to one night stands! Close your legs to men who aren’t your boyfriends. Close your legs to men who aren’t your husbands and definitely close your legs to married men! 


In today’s world , sex sales! Sex is advertised in celebrity performances, movies , music videos, commercials, social media , etc. Women are objectified as sex objects all day long and they objectify themselves as well. It may be hard for many to remain wholesome in today’s society, but the word of God states that we are not to fornicate. God is not in correlation with today’s society and today’s culture. For God is the creator of all things.   Due to straying away from spiritual law, life has made connecting with others much easier. Today , men don’t have to work hard to grasp a woman’s attention. He can simply go to a dating site, Facebook , Instagram or a twitter account and search for women there. At one time, men and women were traditional. Men pursed women, courted them for marriage, and women were sought after. Men had to find women because they were not so easily accessible. Women were not desperate and they did not pursue men and guess what, it worked! Once upon a time, people understood how important connecting, building rapport and having real intimacy was. Today, the average person doesn’t care. Inboxing someone’s dating site profile,  liking pictures, poking people, and sliding into someone’s DM is the new form of flirting, connecting and pursuing but it is not correct order and it is simply not enough to ground a solid a long term relationship.  In fact, it isn’t courting at all. Men effortlessly get the attention of many women, without sweating, stressing or overthinking it! Women have made themselves so available, men don’t value women with the same creed that they once did.

Women, you must know your power and please don’t say you do, because if you did, you wouldn’t sell yourself short. If you knew your worth, you wouldn’t operate like loose change, because you would know you were priceless because your value is far beyond rubies. A woman is a gift to a man! and yes, men are gifts too! However, as a woman, you have to hold yourself to a higher and very different standard. Like, “Lucy”, A woman is the mother of civilization. She inherits a man’s spirit through penetration. She gives birth! She is the nurturer of the child. A woman is the helper and backbone to a man. Without a woman’s essence, presence and nurture, men could not survive. As a woman, you should stand proud, be adored and be lovely. A woman is supposed to be a blessing to a man. Women no longer know their worth. Now days, women are as easy as day old fruit. Women are now advertising their need to desperately be loved on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and now dating sites. Men don’t have to reach too far to get the attention of a woman. Women are easy and now men are lazy. The roles have been reversed. There are so many women on the prowl and so many women willing to pursue men or at least make it very easy for him to access them. With that being said, many people are no longer seeking depth. They are doing things which only lead to surfaced relationships. Surfaced relationships are shallow and they mostly result to lusting (sexual relationships).


What women must understand is, men appreciate and honor whatever is scarce. The scarcity factor is a real concept. People appreciate things they consider to be a challenge and things that are not easily captured are valued more. Women with value shouldn’t be easily captured nor should they be accessible all the time. Women must learn their self-worth. Know your self-worth and value yourself. Women have been tricked into devaluing their bodies and have learned to use the defense mechanism of “rationalization” to make themselves believe that sex isn’t a big deal. Not only is sex a big deal, but it’s the highest form of affection. It is the holy grail of intimacy. Soul-ties are created through sex. Oxytocin hormones are released when a woman has sex with a man, which creates a bonding experience. In fact, Oxytocin hormones are also released during labor, and while breastfeeding. Its a serious hormone, that you do not want to take lightly. Of course, life is created through the act of sex and nothing could be more serious than that. Aside from all of that, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases can be caught during sex. Women and men must know these facts before they decide to open their legs. Sex is a lot of work and I’m not sure why people go from “hello -to sleeping together” so soon, before even getting to know one another. Before sex is even thought of, attraction, chemistry, rapport, friendship, a relationship and marriage should be established. “sex is the salt and pepper and everything else is the meal. Sex should come last, not first. It is ultimately disrespectful for a man to wish to have the greatest asset of a woman, next to her heart, without first establishing the stages of emotional bonding. You are a woman, not a piece of meat. Value your body. Close your legs! Remember, you do not owe a man anything. He needs to earn your heart before he gets your goods.

Many women have it all backwards. They lay their best card on the table and then bargain for a relationship with a man afterwards. Once a man gets a reward that he didn’t earn, your value depreciates in his eyes. He no longer feels he has a need to pursue your heart nor your love because you have given him what he wanted all along. Yes, men are physical beings , but if you hold out, you have a greater chance of him falling for you, within his focus of pursuing the cookie. A man is less likely to fall in love with you, nor appreciate your value when you give it up before going through the proper stages of the development of a relationship.


It absolutely makes no sense to desire a loving relationship, yet take your clothes off before a stranger and have sex with them first. You wouldn’t let someone you didn’t know borrow money. You wouldn’t trust someone with your life whom you didn’t know, yet you lay down with a stranger to create a unrealistic bond, which cannot happen, unless proper steps take place.


Men will try and convince you that they need to test drive the car before the purchase, but it simply GAME! A man needs not test anything. Aside from that, most men stating they need a test drive aren’t looking to buy; they are simply renters and leasers. They lease cars and rent cars with no intentions to ever purchase one. Don’t be fooled into becoming another item he’s driven on his list of rented cars. When a man is looking to purchase a car, he’s in it for the long haul and would never insult the process.


Every woman I know, who has saved themselves for marriage are not only appreciated by their husbands but they are all still married. I am also respected by men because I have never engaged in sex out of wedlock.

Fornication is a violation of spiritual law. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20


Until next time, Peace