Today I want to make this blog entry a little more zen and discuss how we view the world. As people, we judge others as being a good or bad, based on their perceived character and behavior. As you know, perception is reality. If you have biases, projections, prejudices, or schemas, you may see things from that lens and this may influence how you view people. It’s best to get out of the zone of seeing people as good or bad and to just see people for what they are. When you are caught up in the good or bad thing, you miss things and sometimes dismiss things. For example, I have a friend who met a “nice guy” one day and she decided to pursue him for a relationship believing he was a good guy.

Come to find out, he was already in a relationship with another woman and was still willing to start a relationship with her as well. She was so caught up in the “nice guy act”, she fails to see him for who he truly is. life is easier when you accept things for what they are and see people as they are, verses focusing on how good or bad you think they are. Remember, perceived good people can do bad things and perceived bad people can do good things. There is no all good nor all bad in anyone. I think people make a conscious decision to be righteous or unrighteous. See people for who they are, and let the biases go.