103, 2016

Respect is Love For A Man

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Good Evening,

To a woman, affection and deep concern, is love but for a man, respect is love. Men would rather have respect over love. Men pride themselves off of being respected, acknowledged, and admired. […]

2802, 2016

Act Like A Man: Date Like A Man

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Act like a man,

Very liberating, don’t you think. Men know the secrets to dating. They know how to get exactly what they want without risking their heart being broken. They know how to get their […]

1002, 2016

Love All Around (Never Wait For A Man)

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Dressed in Love,

Do you believe in divine love? Do you believe that God is love? Well if so, you should know that love is all around you. Love yourself wholeheartedly. Don’t wait for anyone to […]

202, 2016

Any Man That Does Not Come For You Has A Situation

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Welcome Back,

A man who is attracted to you, yet doesn’t come for you is one who has situations. Situations can range from having a girl on the side , a main girl, a recent break […]

2001, 2016

Minds That Harmonize

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Hello Friends.

This evening, I will be discussing minds that harmonize. I choose the puzzle pieces because, for one, that is my line name and two, the puzzle pieces are perfect fits, which means they are a […]

1601, 2016

Men Desire Love Just As Much As Women

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Men Desire Love:

Yes, I said it and it took me years to finally get it. My father always told me, “sex is the salt and pepper” and that chemistry, a meaningful relationship and love is the meal. His point […]

2512, 2015


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A chemical reactions occurs with sex. Sex bonds people through soul ties and of course the release of the oxytocin hormone. But what about the meeting of two personalities? There is also a chemical reaction that occurs when two […]