2509, 2015

The Only Way To Bring Out The Best In Him

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First of all, always pray and always start with God. For God has all the answers.

I will addd an article to this post, which was written by a male:

It’s your boy, Devon Brad-way,
here with another “Male Confessions” Newsletter!

Today, I’ll […]

1104, 2015

Men Have PMS Too!

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Who ever said men didn’t have PMS? The devil is a liar. Men have their own special PMS, which consists of mood swings, inconsistencies, borderline personality traits in relationships, bad attitudes, shutting Down syndrome and blowing hot and cold. […]

1706, 2014

What Would You Do, If You Could Get Away With Anything & Still Have Him??

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As I said in previous posts , men are like children, give them whatever they want and they will misbehave like a spoiled brat. If you could get away with doing whatever you want, and still have a person […]

606, 2014

A Man Can Sniff Insecurity From A Mile Away

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FThe same way that, a dog can smell fear and will attack and the same way a person can sense fear or weakness on another person and as a result, they will attack and the same way a police […]

606, 2014

Men Use Manipulative Language To Get What They Want

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Hello friends, Welcome back

Today we will be discussing manipulative language. Have you ever been somewhere and a man asks for your number and or to move things forward in your relationship and when you say, no thanks, and or […]