Back at it again!

Good evening, today’s article will touch on how fast a man reveals his intentions. Many of you are probably thinking, how can a man reveal himself in one conversation? Perhaps the stats of it all is exaggerated but the truth of the matter is, men reveal themselves through subtles. How often he calls, texts, asks you out, pursues you and or courts you all plays a part in his revealing. What a man talks about is revealing as well. His passions , purpose and intentions for befriending you is all a form of revealing. Men show you who they are without even knowing they are doing this. Women always believe that a man has kept something from them, deceived them or betrayed them, when in fact, he was revealing his true character all along. Women ignore and make excuses when they see red flags. The answer to who he is , is always in your face. For example, a man that calls at certain times of the day =revealing. A man that only calls at nights =revealing. A man that only asks you out during the week=revealing. A man who asks you out on weekends =revealing. A man who wines and dines you = revealing. Even a man’s silence and slacking is =revealing.  A man that doesn’t text, doesn’t call, doesn’t ask you out, doesn’t romance you is just as revealing as a man who actually puts forth some effort. How a man asks questions and what he is asks= revealing. How a man conducts himself= revealing. Just listen to his character speak and you will see that a man reveals himself within the first week. Men are impulsive and action oriented. They get to work right away. They don’t sit around and wait around like women! Do not believe a man is figuring things out because he isn’t, he’s always figured things out.

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