Good Evening,

To a woman, affection and deep concern, is love but for a man, respect is love. Men would rather have respect over love. Men pride themselves off of being respected, acknowledged, and admired. Men are focused on their reputation,as well as, their contribution that they will leave behind. Men don’t ever think about love until it happens and by then, it’s too late. If you want to get closer to a man, do so by respecting him. Showing a man love and no respect won’t make the cut. Men crave respect as much as women crave love. You’ll have a better chance with him falling in love with you, if you respect him, vs, if you only shower him with love and affection.

Of course , every person desires both, love and respect but a man would rather be respected and admired, rather than be loved, if he had to choose. That should tell you something.

Respect is love