Good Morning all,

Men can tell you anything right? Well, today’s topic will be about a mans language. Men are pros at pillow talk. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Men will love talk you today and forget you tomorrow. Men will spend hours pillow talking you to death, only to disappear afterwards. I got news for you! Men believe what they say for the moment. They believe what they believe for that moment. Their feelings can change sporadically, just as the weather can. Men can be Lovey Dovey and especially romantic, but be careful when falling for it because those emotions are changeable. The best way to understand a mans language is to understand how he communicates. Once you know what to look for, then you will know what to fall In love with. Remember, men want love but they are careful with whom they choose to fall for. For this reason , you will notice men who are in relationships but are not in love. A man can be in love with a woman and not even be in a relationship with her. Men are careful about how they put a full package together. Understanding how a male communicates will forever give you the upper hand. Here’s the secret: men speak one language. There is only one way to describe a man and that way is (consistency). That’s right; men only use one language to communicate their feelings: consistency. A man can tell you anything. He can tell you he loves you, wants to be with you and even tell you that he wants to marry you. Men rule pillow talk. Men can like you Monday and love her Tuesday. Men can pursue you, only to f*** you and forget you.

The best way to understand a mans language and his motive is, to focus on his consistency. Is he consistent? Is he persistent? Is there a pattern of these so called feelings that he expresses for you? Does he show you how he feels consistently? Love doesn’t just happen once. Love is not conditional; it’s unconditional. If he has romantic feelings for you; there should be some sort of consistency that comes along with that. When it comes to a man, the only language that a woman should focus on should be his consistency of language and action. Everything else and anything in between should be ignored because most likely he’s just taking. Men yearn for women too. Men desire partnership too but due to not being ready and or being cautious , they will take a lady in red for the night, to crunch their thirst, while they play the waiting game for a better choice. Don’t be that woman that a man just chooses to leash his thoughts, loneliness, sexual urges, and need for company on. Don’t be a mans doormat. Be his dream girl or nothing at all.

Where do you think “blowing hot and cold” stems from? Blowing hot and cold is what men do when they are not consistent with the feelings they have for you. His language and his actions mean nothing, if he isn’t consistent, being that, that is the only language he speaks and nothing else. Consistency for a man represents true feelings. It is an indication of something for real. If he is blowing hot and cold or expressing his feelings for you, only to not show evidence of those expressions later, he’s not consistent, which means he’s not for real. Consistency is the key and you don’t have to focus on anything else but that.

Do not fall head over hills for a dozen roses, a poem he wrote, a song he played, nice gestures nor pillow talk. Listen and watch for the consistency of his actions and language. Fall head over hills for that.

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