Society expects women to be innocent harmless, virtuous and nurtures, so when women behave anything short of that, they are crucified and judged. It is considered to be unacceptable for a woman to cheat, be promiscuous or even stand up for herself with confidence. In fact, women are expected to be selfless, insecure, emotional doormats.
Men, on the other hand, are quite different. Research shows that by nature, men are more self-involved, aggressive and direct. By tradition, men get away with a whole lot more than women do in society. When a man is self-centered, society says, “it’s ok. When a man cheats, society says “it’s ok, men are not made to have just one mate”.

When a man is inconsiderate, it is accepted as normal behavior. Everything I described above shows inequality between men and women. Not one thing I described above shows people being held accountable as human beings, regardless of gender. Society has completely brainwashed us into believing that decent or indecent behavior should be gender based.

With that being said, I do not agree that people good or bad should be subjected to their behavior in terms of what they are allowed or not allowed to get away with, due to their gender. People have free will to choose which ever path they want, be it righteousness or unrighteousness.

As a woman, how many times has a man either hurt your feelings, brushed you off, was standoffish, emotionally unavailable, sometimes, dishonest, disloyal or inconsiderate of your feelings? And how many times did you voice your opinion about his behavior being unacceptable to you? How often did you begin a sentence with l statements? “I feel hurt by …..”. ” I am feeling unheard” ” I deserve respect” etc usually women attack men by yelling, screaming, and having an emotional tantrum because they don’t know how to voice their feelings about how they are being treated, yet with your female friends, you are a pro at it. We hold our female friends accountable for their behavior but not our male partners and male friends, which is another example of how we have been conditioned not to hold men accountable for their behavior. In fact, men have a hard time to hold themselves accountable as well. How often have you tried to voice your feelings to a man by telling him about his behavior and or using “I statements” and the man dismissed you? Men also don’t hold themselves accountable nor other males.

The moral of the story is, women don’t hold men accountable enough. Men get away with cheating, hoeing, being selfish and they sleep well at night. Women, on the other hand, are chewed out by men and her fellow gender when she breaks up with a guy, rejects a guy and or puts herself first. So not fair! Men have been conditioned to being dehumanized. They are disconnected from their emotions and they compartmentalize everything. They don’t operate off of emotions and I understand that. However, empathy and compassion are universal emotions, not biological traits.

Women must learn to balance the score board. Humanize men. Learn how to guide a man into being more empathetic and compassionate. There are ways to do this by using your feminine energy to help him connect with his feminine side. Learn how to talk to a man and how to have a respectable conversation with him that are logical and makes sense without having it be solely emotional and temper tantrum based. In order to dialogue, there must be a balance of respect.

Do not, I repeat, do not accept cheating from a man. If you do not approve of cheating then you must hold a man accountable for cheating. Women are prone to just taking a man back after he has slept with another woman, ultimately created a soul tie, emotionally bonding with another woman and completely destroying trust. Here’s another double standard. Men would never accept cheating from a woman! They can’t imagine another man walking their turf, yet as a woman, you can tolerate it! No woman should be walking your turf either and you should not have to share a man. Women just accept cheating like its normal for a man and he can’t help himself! Hold a man accountable for being a filthy slum when necessary.

Women also must not accept men being inconsiderate, disrespectful and mean to them. More men suffer from narcissism than women. With that being said, it is a conditioning that must be stopped. Stop loving the wrong man! Stop doing for a man before he does for you!  Stop forgiving his every bad deed! Stop accepting disrespect! Just stop! Treat these men accordingly.

If you see a king, treat a man as a king. Treat a good man with respect! Treat a player as a player. Treat a whack dude, whack! Treat a corny dude like he’s corny! Treat a disrespectful man with disdain! Don’t entertain a trashy man! Forget all of that! In order for a man to respect you, he must be humanized, not be chauvinistic, be connected to his emotions and have respect for women.

Another thing, men are used to women talking and yelling a lot! Believe it or not, you give up your power by doing that. Who invented that anyway? Who decided that nagging, yelling, screaming and acting like a crazy person works with men? Shit doesn’t work! If you want to show a man how to behave, say nothing! That’s right! Say nothing, don’t react! Communicate non Verbally and speak when the time is right and say very little. If a man isn’t worth your time, cut him off and cut off all contact altogether with no words, just as they do us. You will get results faster without nagging and by learning when to keep quiet.

Learn to trust your intuition and not your friends. Women love to advise women to stay with creeps and to hold on longer when the signs are clear love is not in the air. Why do you ask? Because women have been conditioned to believe that they don’t have self-worth unless they have a man. The average woman is desperate for love so they just accept bullshit and settle. Forget all of that! Listen to your intuition. Men communicate with their actions. Listen to the spirit and follow your gut feeling. A lot can be avoided if you trust your intuition verses seeking evidence for everything.

Hold men accountable when they get out of line. Expect love, peace, and respect from men, and so you shall have it!