I have been studying the male psyche for about six years now. In fact, I use my background in psychology to figure out the behaviors of men. I have put together some pointers on how to read between the lines.

1) Never let a guy GPS text you. A GPS system is an electronic mapping device, which reports traffic and gives directions to a destination in a particular vicinity, correct? Well, if you here from a guy here and there, he’s just GPS texting. In other words, you passed through the vicinity of his mind, while driving to his main destination and he decided to text. Contacting you is sudden, out of the blue, temporary and never consistent.

2) If a man does not plan dates, make reservations; cut him loose. If you are 21 and up, a man should know better than just spontaneous dating. A man over 21 should know how to plan dates and make reservations. When a man wants to impress you, he will go out of his way to do so. Making reservations takes a few minutes to do. If he doesn’t do it, he’s not that into you.

3) If a man decides to take you on a date, yet doesn’t care to ask what your interests are, nor what your favorite food is, allergies or preferences are, he’s really not into you and dating you is only a sign of his self-contentedness. If a man is into you, finding out what you like to do for fun, what kind of food you like and what your allergies are should be his priority. He will know that, the only way to impress you is by being interested in the things you are also interested in.

4) If a man has B.O., cut him loose. A man who cares about impressing you will not have body order. He should care what you think of him.

5) Avoid the guy who calls you pretty, calls all the time but the relationship never progresses. A real man will make moves for you two to have a life together, verses just talking on the phone and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. If you are grown, do not allow a man to have kiddo conversations nor kiddo experiences with you. If he wants a woman, show him one, but if he wants a girl, remove yourself from the equation.

6) Men treat you according to how you act and what you accept from them. If you mean business, so will he. If you play games and settle, so will he. As a man thinketh, so is he. You get what you are. You attract the belief systems you hold.

7) Avoid the social media charmer. The social media charmer is the guy who is all over Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, twitter, etc and he is liking pictures and commenting too. This means nothing. A man has no time for this childish behavior. A real man wants to see you, feel you and touch you AND, most of all, be a part of your life. Never fall for a man who is sending you his love interest from behind a computer screen. He’s probably a weirdo-creeper.

8) Real men like to hear your voice; they don’t have time to be texting as their main source of communication with you. Do all people text? Yes. Do men text? Yes. I’m not saying texting Is bad but if he texts you long winded conversations, asking questions and making plans, he’s not that into you. A man who wants to have a life with you cannot do so from behind a text. Although texting is very modern, it’s also impersonal. People have abused text messaging and turned the meaning into something entirely different from what it was originally created for. Texting was originally created to replace phone calls upon not being able to phone someone. It was created for short messages, to convenience the texter, while aiming not to ignore the textee. Now, people replace phone calls with text messages, in order to avoid certain people, and conversations. Men who always texts and never call are being passive aggressive. They may not mind texting you but don’t want to fully get involved with you, so they keep you at arm’s length.

9) Be aware of the social media cheater. There is a new type of cheating going on today. Men can cheat in the comfort of their own home, without leaving their chair, house, nor their phone. Men can online date, tinder, twitter, Facebook and Instagram chicks, liking and sending inbox messages, while still having a girlfriend or wife. If your man has social media accounts and you don’t trust him, check his feedback. Do some research.

10) Learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is the first step to knowing how to read between the lines. You must get into yourself and begin to like yourself. Once you love and like yourself and you know what you want from a relationship, you too will know how to read between the lines. All men let you know how they feel about you, just sit back listen and watch.

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